Making Space for Abundance

Hello!  You may be asking what will this Journey look like?  Well, each week on Wednesday, you will receive a list and a short paragraph to read.  The list will contain your natural element and a related affirmation.  Perhaps you just read the affirmation to yourself in the morning to get you going, or you can write a paragraph on your thoughts of the message, or even meditate on it – the intensity of the activity is entirely up to you.

Imagine having a personal and meaningful space in your home that gives you peace and joy.  As part of the Journey, you will build a spring altar adding just one piece a week.  By the end, you will have a fresh, lovely spot that takes you into the abundance of summer.  There is no need to run out to a shop and spend money.  In fact, it’s best if you can make every-day things into your special items.  Look in and around your home to see what calls to be used.  This awakens the magic of your personal environment and makes it more connected and meaningful.

Yet, the main purpose of Journey is meant to make space for abundance and most of us just have no room for it.  Our lives are cluttered with obstacles – and some of them are physical.  So, we will make space by releasing one thing from our homes each week.  Spring is a wonderful time for opening the passage ways in your home and allowing fresh energy to shift the feelings.  And remember … these are not tasks, but magical activities.  If you can spend only 5 or 10 minutes a day on the “chore”, you will feel accomplished and more unfettered by week’s end.  Simple!

Are you ready to join me on the Journey to your Spring Awakening?  February 1st is approaching fast.

Your Journey to Spring Awakening

Welcome! This journey will begin February 1st and run through to May’s flowers.  Spring’s awakening transition takes us from first growing light, through the balance of the vernal equinox, and into the passionate fever of the growing season.  Through this exploration, we will be well ready to enter the abundance of summer with relish, prepared to apply ourselves to our dreams, and feel reconnected with the Earth and our Selves.

This is practical magic – weekly activity and contemplation leading to a greater connection to your personal power.  Thirteen weeks, thirteen elements, thirteen actions. Each Wednesday, you will receive a new natural element for your focus.  If you wish to use a journal that is great, but is not required – this is meant to be a fun journey rather than a task to get through.

Take each week in turn. Focus on what you are doing in the given week.  And try not to dwell on what has passed already or wonder about what is to come next week.  Let yourself be in the moment, with intention, each week.

An Invitation to Your Spring Awakening

Welcome!  If you are reading this, you are here because the word “abundance” has triggered something special for you.  The world is full of wonders and perhaps you are seeking a way to fill yourself with abundance.   My big wish is to provide a stepping stone for you to start looking at the world in a different way … a more exhilarating way.

My name is Kestrel – like the little colored falcon.  I will share my story in other messages.  For now, I will tell you that I’ve left a highly intellectual work life to explore new opportunities. I bring my PhD in chemical physics with me, but living my life like a hawk means having the patience to be free of that ego-space. It means accepting my own power. And it also means being serene in the ability to see beyond where most folks stop looking.  It’s taken awhile to get here … a challenging journey of self-exploration.

I am starting this blog to encourage you to join me on a fresh start … a Journey of Spring Awakening.  Each year, many of us walk through the seasons with little thought to their passing.  Years pass and time appears to speed up.   This year, let’s do something different.  Let’s embrace nature’s changes, appreciate ourselves, and take actions that clear the way for that abundance you deserve.

I’m as excited as the electrons here to share this with you.   Will you join me?  The journey begins February 1st!