Week 8 – Let the Sunshine in

Dates                                    September 20th  to September 27th

Natural Element              The Sun

Affirmation                        I add my own light to the world as I shine.

Add an Altar Piece          A Shining Gemstone

Creative Cooking             Cook with Oranges

Our Sun is getting noticeably weaker each day as it dips a little further towards the horizon. Let the Sun’s lingering rays warm your cheeks on a nature walk.  Absorb the light and let yourself shine.

Add a shining gemstone to your altar.  This can be something you have at home or a jewel that you find in a thrift store or market stall.  Cleanse the gem with salted water and incense before placing it on your own autumn altar.

Oranges evoke colour and scent in our cooking.  Add the juice or zest of an orange can brighten any dish.  Food that is a joy to look at and smell gets our own juices flowing to help our digestion.  Eat real food!

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