Welcome! You have reached the landing place for Tidal Ceremonies nestled within Kestrel’s Nest!

Tidal Ceremonies is moving!  As of August 2021, my  Life-Cycle Celebrant business will be operating from Gabriola Island in British Columbia.  I look forward to greeting new client friends on Canada’s Pacific coast.

I am dedicated to creating ceremonies that respect your unique personality and life-style.  Please see some photos and reviews from my client friends in My Gallery.

Weddings and Engagements, Funerals or Celebration of Life, Pregnancies or Baby Blessings, Coming of Age or Graduations, New Business Openings or Retirements, New Home or Leaving Home, Pet Welcomings or Departings … so many things to honour with ceremony.  Inclusive and eclectic, I welcome all.

Through My Blog I provide offerings of ways to bring ritual into your life to celebrate every day.  Bright Blessings to you,  Kestrel

Rev. Dr. Karen Arends, Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant and Ordained Minister of the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry

Tidal Ceremonies

Greetings! You have reached the home of Tidal Ceremonies — offering professionally-crafted, unique-to-you, memorable and meaningful life-cycle celebrations that acknowledge your once-in-a-lifetime moments.

I am a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant  professionally trained through the Celebrant Foundation and Institute (http://www.celebrantinstitute.org/).   I have specialization in Ceremonies Across the Life Cycle, Weddings and Funerals, Healings and Transitions.  I am an ordained minister with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry offering inclusive, eclectic and professional ceremonial experiences.  

As of August 2021, Tidal Ceremonies is situated on Gabriola Island on B.C.’s west coast.  I am pleased to create ceremonies for whatever life brings your way.   I am available for weddings and other life cycle celebrations.  I also create seasonal and sustenance ceremonies either for individuals, small groups, or public settings. With decades of experience in ritual development and study, I bring the vast world of ceremonial ideas to you. My experience in university academics has given me writing and public speaking skills to help your moments shine.  Please see My Gallery for photos and reviews.

My Service to you includes: ceremony research and resource materials; in-depth consultation and writing of your ceremony; script consultations and updates via email; your complete approval of the final script; a rehearsal as requested;  consultations with your other vendors if needed; officiating of the ceremony on the agreed day; and keepsake documentation of your ceremony. 

The cost for such a fully-personalized ceremony is typically $650.  I am also available for simpler ceremonies starting at about $250.  I will not nickel-and-dime giving a firm quote for the full service.  But each situation is unique …. so the process begins with a free, no-obligation chat over a cup of tea or coffee.  Let’s see if we generate rapport and co-create your ceremonial event.  

A celebrant works with clients to co-create events to acknowledge their life cycle passages.  We all recognize the wedding ceremony as one of life’s rites of passage.  There is so much more to celebrate.  Consider also expecting parents and births, coming-of-age ceremonies, graduations or business openings, engagements, house blessings, empty-nesting, separations and divorces, retirements, pet welcomings, and departures, as well as healing and recovery rituals.

We need ceremony in our busy lives more than ever.  We zip along missing the opportunity to stop and breathe at life’s growths, losses and changes of all kinds.  When you feel a need to honour life’s passage , whether in private or public, I am committed to supporting your path with a professionally-written ceremony delivered in a manner that reflects your unique life-style and personality.   I will create the ceremony you wish you had time to create. 

I welcome your inquiries at: TidalCeremonies@KestrelsNest.ca 

What an adventure!   

About Me


I love a celebration!  Each day is an opening to be mindful of ourselves and other people.  Each season is an opportunity to celebrate the marvels of change through observing the magic of the Earth.  We are surrounded by special occasions if we will take a moment to honour them.  Ritual is one way that I draw myself into those moments. Now I want to share the beauty of ritual with others … those who wish to be more engaged with the passage of their lives, to feel more mindful of the milestones they create, and to celebrate more often.  Could that be you?

I am an ordained minister with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry. I am a professional Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant through the Celebrant Foundation and Institute with specialization in Ceremonies Across the Life-Cycle, Weddings and Funerals, and Healings and Transitions.   Soon to be situated on B.C.’s west coast, I am pleased to be able to offer ceremonies across your life cycle.

Imagine honouring births, growths, unions, changes, losses, and transformations of all kinds.  With 25-years of experience in creating and leading ritual, I bring an openness and excitement to celebrating your story.  My fascination with archaeology brings to you a wealth of historical knowledge to add depth and meaning to your ceremony. As a certified yoga instructor, I appreciate the multitude of cultures that contribute to that practice and offer you spirit-filled ceremonies that have meaning and depth.

The service I provide includes in-depth consultation and support; ceremony research and resource materials; writing of your ceremony; script updates; your complete approval of the final script; a rehearsal as requested;  consultations with your other vendors as needed; officiating of the ceremony on the agreed day; and a keepsake document of your ceremony.  

Prior to this adventure, I was a university professor of environmental chemistry.  My research focused on understanding the pollution we put into the atmosphere and how it may affect the foundations of this planet’s life through the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil we depend on for our foods. I remain an environmental advocate and truly believe that connecting people back to the cycles of the Earth through celebrating the cycles of their lives is the best way to make lasting change for our planet.  Let’s connect!

The process begins with a free, no-obligation chat over a cup of tea or coffee anywhere in the Edmonton, Alberta region.  I appreciate your enquiries at:  TidalCeremonies@KestrelsNest.ca

Rev. Dr. Karen (Kestrel) Arends, Minister of Metaphysics and Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant

My Blog


The Buddha says “the wave and the water are one”. The fishes that are immersed in the water are forever in their element.  They trust the water completely.  It is home, safety and continuity.  They are born and die there.  And, separated from the water, the fish panics and will die without it. Besides the …


Night!  Does the word fill you dread? Wonder? Anxiety? Peace?  Our lives are balanced between light times and dark times — the days, the seasons and our lifetimes.  Day is the time of doing, taking action, meeting and greeting – the stuff of living.  Yet, night is the time of being, dreaming, resting and recovering …

My Gallery

Welcome!  Please enjoy these pictures of my client-friends celebrating their once-in-a-lifetime events. 

This is my own wedding day! We got the best compliment from my hubbie’s 96-year old grandmother who said “I liked it … it was different.” And she’d seen a lot of weddings! – Kes
“Karen put together a family blending celebration for our son’s engagement. She worked with both sets of parents to create a fun and joyful announcement. It was awesome!” – Wendy
“Kes is an excellent officiant. She made an in-depth inquiry into who we were as individuals and as a couple so that she could give us a ceremony that felt natural, flowing and in alignment with what we wished to convey to our friends and family.” -Stephanie
The final walk down the aisle after a beautiful ceremony.
“Karen did a wonderful job with our ceremony. Our ceremony was very special and involved all of our children in the blending of our family with the sand ceremony.” – Jennifer
“Karen writes custom weddings that tell the love story that is the real connection in a wedding ceremony. ” – Elisa
“Karen was amazing. She was involved from day one. Would one hundred percent recommend her to anyone! We are over the moon with the service that was provided.” – Kim