Week 3 – From Earth to the Stars

Dates:  February 15th to February 22nd

Natural Element:  Stars

Affirmation:   I am open to all the universe offers. 

Altar Building:  Repurpose an Altar Cloth

Home Release:  Recycle old papers

Your intention is one of opening yourself to accept abundance from the universe.  You do deserve it.  Besides for the last two weeks you have been clearing space for the new. Expect it to come!

Our altar has a foundation, but it needs some flair.  Select an altar cloth for spring.  Check in the closet for a scarf you don’t wear or use a bright towel or table linens.  If you must purchase something, check out the bargain bins at fabric stores or even discount markets.  Sometimes the things people don’t want make the best altar cloths!

Here is another big clearing week.  Paper – it gathers on shelves, in drawers and in boxes.  Do you need it anymore?  If not, recycle.  If you need it, then make sure it is properly stored and labelled. Clear the space of piles of paper that do not serve you well.   Even if you can just get rid of old newspapers, magazines, and junk mail, you are doing great!

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