Week 9 – Crystal Clear Focus

Dates:  March 29th to April 5th

Natural Element:  Crystals

Affirmation:  I focus my energies where I need to.

Altar Building:  Add a lovely crystal

Home Release: Remove unused technology

Crystals are lovely mineral formations — a gift from the Earth herself.  All colors, shapes and sizes, they are forged in the heat and pressure of our planet.  Crystals are so special that they encourage us to focus our attention and our energies.

Add a crystal to your altar space.  You can find these at rock and gem stores or other specialty shops.  If you wish to create your own, you can look up how you can grow beautiful crystals from salt, sugar, borax or alum.  Adding food colouring gives them the color you desire.

Technology is changing so fast that we forget to get rid of the old stuff.  Are there VCR tapes hanging around, computer discs that you can no longer even put in the computer, an audio tape you made in high school?  How many versions of cell phones are in your drawers?  You may not even have any way to use these things anymore.  So let’s remove them from our homes.  Many communities offer electronics recycling as an eco-friendly option.

Week 8 – Winds of Spring Awakening

Dates:  March 22nd to March 29th

Natural Element:  Wind

Affirmation:  I am energized by the wind to live for today.

Altar Building: Pick a favorite essential oil for spring

Home Release: Nasty smells

It is March and the Wind can play a large part in the spring. Wind is cleansing and clearing for ourselves and our homes.  Notice the air and especially the wind.  Watch the clouds move, breathe deeply, or go fly a kite.

Your altar needs a beautiful scent to draw you in and awaken your memories.  Select an oil that you want to smell regularly during the week and that will remind you of spring.   You can use oils on your body or rub it on your candle.  Place a few drop in your bowl of water to let the vapours spread.

This week you will find and remove unpleasant odours from your home.  Check under the sinks for spills, flush some lemon peels down your drains, find new ways to store smelly things, or wash pet bedding. If weather permits, open the windows wide and let the Wind clear things out.

Week 7 – Moon Dreams

Dates:  March 15th to March 22nd

Natural Element:  The Moon

Affirmation:  My dreams are valid and valuable.

Altar Building:  Add a piece of silvery metal

Home Release:  Polish your metals

We share the daytime with the Sun and the nighttime with the Moon.  This week of the spring equinox, we shift into the natural element of the Moon.  Take some time to step outdoors at night and glance up.  The beauty of the Moon can inspire hopes and dreams.  Acknowledge that your dreams are as valuable as any precious metals.

For your altar table, add a piece of silver metal.  This could be a favorite piece of jewelry, a work of art, something made from wire.  If you are crafty, hammer out your own symbol. Keep this addition harmonious and beautiful to you.

We all have them – boxes and drawers of bits of metal that we once loved and now sit tarnished and unusable.  This week have a dig through old jewelry boxes, silverware drawers, and other hidey-holes.  Turn any back into useful objects by shining them up.  Or pass them on to someone else. Or recycle the metal.  A natural polish can be made by mixing of same size parts of salt, flour and vinegar.  Make a paste and spread it over the metal to dry.  When you clean it up, it will sparkle again.

Week 6 – The Gentle Plants of Spring

Dates:  March 8th to March 15th

Natural Element:  Plant Life

Affirmation:  I accept abundance and grow freely.

Altar Building:  Select a plant or herb

Home Release:  Help sickly plants and remove dead ones

Having living things in your space reminds us to grow, patiently and purposefully.  Do plants worry about gathering abundance?  Not at all … they accept the gifts of the universe and gladly grow and expand.  How about you?

Select or adopt a plant or herb that you can care for.  Ask at a garden center if you are not much of a plant person.  Your altar is really taking shape now. Consider the placement of your items.  Traditionally (and not necessarily), the water bowl would be in the west and the earthy plant would go in the north.  But look at your own space and design it for yourself.  Whatever feels right!

If you already have plants in your home, chances are that the winter has been harsh on them.  Some may not be fairing so well.  If you can help them with a good trim then do.  Give them some fertilizer too.  If things are too far gone, then remove the plant from the home.  Perhaps clean and recycle the soil for your new altar plant. Get all those dropped leaves into the compost!

Week 5 – Now to the Healing Rivers

Dates:  March 1st   to March 8th

Natural Element:  Rivers

Affirmation:  I welcome the healing power of the universe.

Altar Building:  Find a bowl to hold water

Home Release:  Remove old toiletries and medicines

Today we shift focus from the Stars to the natural element of Rivers.  Traditionally water and especially rivers or springs have been bringers of healing both physically and mentally.   Often we many think we are not worthy or do not need healing.  This week allow yourself the time to welcome healing of all sorts into yourself.

To bring the element of healing natural waters into your life, dig about and find a bowl that really sings for you.  Clean the bowl thoroughly to cleanse it of all past energies. You can use the bowl in cleansing and healing rituals.  To empower items with healing energy, place water and salt in the bowl and immerse the item.  Perhaps use the intention to add your word to the magic.

This week, let’s be sure we are doing the best for ourselves by using products on and in our bodies that are not dated.  Check your medicines and toiletries for expiry dates.  Don’t forget that bag of things you keep ready for travel.  Even toothpaste gets dated!