Week 5 – Now to the Healing Rivers

Dates:  March 1st   to March 8th

Natural Element:  Rivers

Affirmation:  I welcome the healing power of the universe.

Altar Building:  Find a bowl to hold water

Home Release:  Remove old toiletries and medicines

Today we shift focus from the Stars to the natural element of Rivers.  Traditionally water and especially rivers or springs have been bringers of healing both physically and mentally.   Often we many think we are not worthy or do not need healing.  This week allow yourself the time to welcome healing of all sorts into yourself.

To bring the element of healing natural waters into your life, dig about and find a bowl that really sings for you.  Clean the bowl thoroughly to cleanse it of all past energies. You can use the bowl in cleansing and healing rituals.  To empower items with healing energy, place water and salt in the bowl and immerse the item.  Perhaps use the intention to add your word to the magic.

This week, let’s be sure we are doing the best for ourselves by using products on and in our bodies that are not dated.  Check your medicines and toiletries for expiry dates.  Don’t forget that bag of things you keep ready for travel.  Even toothpaste gets dated!