Week 6 – The Gentle Plants of Spring

Dates:  March 8th to March 15th

Natural Element:  Plant Life

Affirmation:  I accept abundance and grow freely.

Altar Building:  Select a plant or herb

Home Release:  Help sickly plants and remove dead ones

Having living things in your space reminds us to grow, patiently and purposefully.  Do plants worry about gathering abundance?  Not at all … they accept the gifts of the universe and gladly grow and expand.  How about you?

Select or adopt a plant or herb that you can care for.  Ask at a garden center if you are not much of a plant person.  Your altar is really taking shape now. Consider the placement of your items.  Traditionally (and not necessarily), the water bowl would be in the west and the earthy plant would go in the north.  But look at your own space and design it for yourself.  Whatever feels right!

If you already have plants in your home, chances are that the winter has been harsh on them.  Some may not be fairing so well.  If you can help them with a good trim then do.  Give them some fertilizer too.  If things are too far gone, then remove the plant from the home.  Perhaps clean and recycle the soil for your new altar plant. Get all those dropped leaves into the compost!

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