Week 7 – Moon Dreams

Dates:  March 15th to March 22nd

Natural Element:  The Moon

Affirmation:  My dreams are valid and valuable.

Altar Building:  Add a piece of silvery metal

Home Release:  Polish your metals

We share the daytime with the Sun and the nighttime with the Moon.  This week of the spring equinox, we shift into the natural element of the Moon.  Take some time to step outdoors at night and glance up.  The beauty of the Moon can inspire hopes and dreams.  Acknowledge that your dreams are as valuable as any precious metals.

For your altar table, add a piece of silver metal.  This could be a favorite piece of jewelry, a work of art, something made from wire.  If you are crafty, hammer out your own symbol. Keep this addition harmonious and beautiful to you.

We all have them – boxes and drawers of bits of metal that we once loved and now sit tarnished and unusable.  This week have a dig through old jewelry boxes, silverware drawers, and other hidey-holes.  Turn any back into useful objects by shining them up.  Or pass them on to someone else. Or recycle the metal.  A natural polish can be made by mixing of same size parts of salt, flour and vinegar.  Make a paste and spread it over the metal to dry.  When you clean it up, it will sparkle again.