Week 8 – Winds of Spring Awakening

Dates:  March 22nd to March 29th

Natural Element:  Wind

Affirmation:  I am energized by the wind to live for today.

Altar Building: Pick a favorite essential oil for spring

Home Release: Nasty smells

It is March and the Wind can play a large part in the spring. Wind is cleansing and clearing for ourselves and our homes.  Notice the air and especially the wind.  Watch the clouds move, breathe deeply, or go fly a kite.

Your altar needs a beautiful scent to draw you in and awaken your memories.  Select an oil that you want to smell regularly during the week and that will remind you of spring.   You can use oils on your body or rub it on your candle.  Place a few drop in your bowl of water to let the vapours spread.

This week you will find and remove unpleasant odours from your home.  Check under the sinks for spills, flush some lemon peels down your drains, find new ways to store smelly things, or wash pet bedding. If weather permits, open the windows wide and let the Wind clear things out.