Week 9 – Crystal Clear Focus

Dates:  March 29th to April 5th

Natural Element:  Crystals

Affirmation:  I focus my energies where I need to.

Altar Building:  Add a lovely crystal

Home Release: Remove unused technology

Crystals are lovely mineral formations — a gift from the Earth herself.  All colors, shapes and sizes, they are forged in the heat and pressure of our planet.  Crystals are so special that they encourage us to focus our attention and our energies.

Add a crystal to your altar space.  You can find these at rock and gem stores or other specialty shops.  If you wish to create your own, you can look up how you can grow beautiful crystals from salt, sugar, borax or alum.  Adding food colouring gives them the color you desire.

Technology is changing so fast that we forget to get rid of the old stuff.  Are there VCR tapes hanging around, computer discs that you can no longer even put in the computer, an audio tape you made in high school?  How many versions of cell phones are in your drawers?  You may not even have any way to use these things anymore.  So let’s remove them from our homes.  Many communities offer electronics recycling as an eco-friendly option.