Week 10 – The Wisdom of Trees

Dates:  April 5th to April 12th

Natural Element:  Trees

Affirmation:  I open the door to wisdom for my well-being and that of others.

Altar Building:  Add writing paper or a notebook

Home Release:  Remove unused or unusable clothing

Today we shift focus from Crystals to the element Trees.  The wisdom of the Trees goes beyond knowing.  This week, connect with Trees by taking a walk in the woods and touching the bark of some favorites.  Our faithful friends Trees have provided the means to travel in ships and wagons, lumber for homes, and communication through paper.

Sometimes we will write when we have special paper to write upon.  Add some wonderful papers or a personal notebook to your altar.  You can even make some paper yourself if you choose.  Don’t be afraid to write on a blank page – this is how new ideas have the best chance of coming into being.

Clothing that is torn, worn out, doesn’t fit, or no longer suits you has to go.  Be ruthless.  We wear our power outwardly.  Clear your closet for items that better share your power with the world.  New items … and energies …  will come when you clear space for them.