Week 11 – Breathe in the Spring

Dates:  April 12th to April 19th

Natural Element:  Breath

Affirmation: I build my future by freeing my ideas of today.

Altar Building: Add a special pen or pencil

Home Release: Clean hidden dusty spots

From the Trees, we are shifting focus to the very personal element of Breath.  Each inhale brings us new life and opportunity with the air; each exhale removes the depleted air so it can be recycled and cleansed.  Pay attention to your Breath this week. Notice when you feel out of breath or when breathing becomes deep and nourishing.

The altar is a dynamic place – sometimes we set it up and forget to use it.  This week, add a special pen or pencil to the altar to remind you to work your magic, write your dreams, and document your successes.  Keep this implement sacred to use only for your altar work.

We have done a lot of clearing already, but sometimes there are places in the home that harbour trapped energies – and some of these are dusty!   Spend some time dusting where you don’t usually go.  Think about the tops of the doors or picture frames, behind the washer/dryer, or under other appliances.  Perhaps your other clearing identified spots that are obviously dust collectors – how about moving the furniture to open up these hidden spots of low energy?

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