Week 12 – Fresh Thoughts

Dates:  April 19th to April 26th

Natural Element:  Thought 

Affirmation:  My thoughts connect me to others in the world. 

Altar Building:  Incense and Holder

Home Release: Trapped Energies

The element of Thought is something that appears less tangible than our other elements, but it is as much a part of the world as any other we have contemplated.  Our thoughts and perceptions are what connects each of us to others.  This week, pay attention to your Thought and take moments to consider how what is in your mind connects you to the others around you.

For you Spring Altar, add an incense and a holder.  If you purchase incense cones, the packages often come with a holder inside.  The incense sticks are available in many places and the holders are sold along side.  If you want to make your own holder, find a bowl or plant pot and place some sand inside.  Now your sticks or cones will stand tall.

We move our clearing now to something a bit more internal.  We all harbour fears of our choices and of the future.  This manifests as trapped energies in ourselves and our home.  Over the past weeks, you have cleared the way for new ideas, opened the door to opportunity, and shifted energies.  This week, use the smoke of incense to gather the remaining trapped energies and blow them away.  Feel confident and release any fears that may be blocking your way to abundance.

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