Week 13 – The Universe around Us

Dates:  April 26th to May 3rd

Natural Element: The Universe

Affirmation: I live with gratitude in my heart for the whole world.

Altar Building: Your Image of All

Home Release: House Blessing at your Spring Altar

The Universe is the final natural element of your Spring Awakening.  We have focused on parts of the Universe and this week contemplate the whole.  What a wonderful way to end this journey!  As you say the affirmation, allow all the elements to gather, breathe deeply, and exhale with a sense of wonder and thankfulness.  It’s a good day!

Your Altar is now so beautiful.  You have gathered your pieces and placed them where you feel balance and peace.  The last item to add is very personal.  Find a representation of your image of all.  This can be anything from a stone to a photograph of a lovely vista to a statue of a divine persona.  As long as looking and holding this item reminds you of the whole, the all, then this is your piece.

You have cleared so much of your space.  Old haunts and energies have moved out with the physical items you have cleaned out.  And now it is time to perform a whole House Blessing to welcome the new abundance you deserve.  At your Altar, use the whole thing.  Light the candles, fill the bowl with water, burn the incense, dab on the oil, touch your plant and crystals and metals.  Sit in front of your sacred space, close your eyes, breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling, express gratitude.  Now imagine a bubble of beautiful energy around yourself.  Let this bubble grow to include the whole room you are in.  And even further to include your whole home.  Include your yard if you wish.  Let the gratitude you have for the Universe, spread around your whole living space entering all the spaces.  Say, “Blessing for this space I call home.” Allow this to fill the whole bubble.  Enjoy this feeling as long as you wish.  When you are ready, allow the bubble to shrink back to about you and about your heart.  Breathe deeply again, inhale and exhale.  Your home is blessed.  You are ready to accept abundance into your life.  Expect it.

Namaste to you, Traveller.  I look forward to meeting you for the next adventure. Kestrel

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