Adventure into the Art of Transience

Welcome!  With the end of the Journey to your Spring Awakening, we begin a new adventure.  The Adventure into the Art of Transience will begin May 3rd and run through to the start of August’s harvest season.   Summer is certainly abundant and full of new things.  However, it is always a reminder that nothing is permanent.  None of our creations are ever-lasting.  This Adventure allows you to create, enjoy in the moment, and then let it go with freedom.  How utterly opening!

Each week on Wednesdays, I will offer you a natural craft that will get you outside and in touch with summer’s abundant Nature.  These are simple to do and require no extra purchases or special tools.  Just you and your imaginative creativity in Nature’s bounty are the tools!!

Take each week in turn. Focus on what you are doing in the given week.  And try not to dwell on what has passed already, whether your creation is “good enough”, or wonder about what is to come next week.  Let yourself create in the moment, with intention, each week.

I would adore seeing some of your creations!  Grab some pics and post.


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