Week 1 – Stone Art

Dates:   May 3rd to 10th

Affirmation:   The beauty of Nature moves through me.

Nature Craft:   Stack of Stones

Greetings and Welcome!  We begin this adventure in Nature art in a very gentle way.  You cannot go wrong; you cannot do it better; you cannot fail.  Let the beauty of Nature do it’s thing.

Talk a walk somewhere as natural as you can.  If not in the woods or by a river, a city park or a playground will do just fine.  As you walk, look around the ground where you are stepping.  If you see a stone or rock that interests you, pick it up.  At the end of your walk, find a place on the ground and in public where your sculpture will sit.  Now, stack the stones you have collected in any way that appeals to you.  Focus on the affirmation as you create.  Walk about to collect more or different stones if you wish.  When you are finished step back and talk a look … snap a picture if you like.  Post it to Instagram or Facebook.  Then leave it there.  It may stay a day or even the week, but it will not last forever.  Let it go back to Nature.

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