Week 2 – Star of Twigs

Dates:   May 10th to 17th

Affirmation:   My star brightens the path for others.

Nature Craft:  Stars of Twigs

Remember drawing five-pointed stars as a child.  It was probably one of your first art pieces.  So this week on your walk, seek small twigs about the same size and length.  You will need five for each star you want to leave for someone to find a dream upon.  At the end of your walk, find that special place where someone else may happen upon your creation, but this time it needs to be a little muddy or grassy – a soft patch of earth.  Place the twigs in a five-pointed star order.  Press the twigs down into the earth so you leave a flatter star.  Leave as many stars as you wish.  Someone will see them. They will brighten their day.

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