Week 3 – Drawing your Vision

Dates:   May 17th to 24th

Affirmation:   I see Nature’s beauty in all things. 

Nature Craft:  Symbols in the Soil

How did it feel to create something and then let it go?  This week is just as liberating.  And it all starts with a walk outside.  As you walk in your natural place this week, look about until you find a favourite stick.  Long, short, thick, thin – it doesn’t matter.   At the end of your walk, find a place where there is a patch of exposed earth, rather flat.  Sometimes this will be along a path where others walk – wonderful!  Now, close your eyes and breath deeply.  Repeat the affirmation a few times.  Finally, envision a symbol of Nature’s beauty.  This can be anything – geometric or organic – recognizable or not.   Then take your stick and draw it on the soil quite deeply.  Step back and enjoy your creation.  Now, let it go.

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