Week 7 – Braids of Grass

Dates:   June 14th to 21st

Affirmation:   I touch Nature with reverence and awe.

Nature Craft:  Grass Braiding

By this week the grasses should really be growing!  Find a place where they have been allowed to get really tall and even to the point of creating seeds.  Now, select three longer stems of about the same length and begin to braid them.  You may have done this with ribbons or strings, but now we do this with grasses.  Create three braids, and then braid these three into a larger braid.  You may have run out of length.  That’s okay, just find a way to attach your three braids.  Perhaps tying at the top with another piece.  Finally, hang your grass ornament in a place were people will see it.  Smile and enjoy your creation.

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