Invitation to your Harvest Journey

Welcome!  Last spring, we created a fresh home altar honoring our Spring Awakening as we cleared and cleansed our physical space.  This fall we will again create a home altar through our Harvest Journey.  This season bring the harvest into yourself by trying luscious fresh items in your cooking.  We all have to eat, so let’s add some mindful awareness to that daily ceremony.

Each year, many of us walk through the seasons with little thought to their passing.  Years pass and time appears to speed up.   For the next 12 weeks until Halloween, let’s do something different.  Let’s embrace nature’s changes, appreciate ourselves, and fill ourselves with the goodness of the Earth.

I’m as excited as the electrons here to share this with you.   Will you join me?  The journey begins August 1st!  You can leave a message here or drop me an email at

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