Week 5 – Healing Waters

Dates                    August 29th  to September 5th

Natural Element              Rain

Affirmation          I welcome healing.  My body accepts the soothing power of water.

Add an Altar Piece          Find a Unique bottle

Creative Cooking             Cook with lemon and lime

This week’s element is Rain.  Traditionally water and especially rain have been bringers of healing both physically and mentally.

You may have to do some digging this week to find a unique bottle to hold water you may flavour with herbs, or empower with energies, or use in cleansing and healing rituals.  Try to find one with a big enough opening that you can insert items and retrieve them.  Clean the bottle thoroughly and then cleanse it of all past energies with some salted water.

Let’s add a little tartness to our lives by including lemons or limes in our cooking. Sour tastes heat the body decreasing vata energies.  This in turn sharpens the senses, improves digestion and enhances secretions such as saliva.

Week 4 – Reach for the Stars

Dates                    August 22th  to August 28th

Natural Element                Stars

Affirmation          I am open to unlimited opportunity.  I always choose what is best.

Add an Altar Piece          Star Symbol

Creative Cooking             Add a dash of Vinegar

Today we shift focus from the Earth to the element of the Stars in the unlimited universe. The intention opens you to the best opportunities around you.

Your altar has some bones now, but it needs some bling.  Find something starry.  Perhaps a pentagram symbol is for you.   Make or draw something to keep it personal.

Let’s brighten up our cooking as well.  Vinegars are a great way to do just that.  Take some fresh herbs and put them into apple cider or red wine vinegar for a lovely way to add a dash of flavour to any dish.

Week 3 – Get down to Earth

Dates                    August 15th  to August 21th

Natural Element                Earth

Affirmation          I accept abundance.  I deserve the gifts of the Earth.

Add an Altar Piece          Altar Stone

Creative Cooking             Cook with sage

Your intention is one of personal acceptance of abundance from the universe.  Let the flow of nature inspire you.  You do deserve it.  Expect it.

This week, seek out an altar stone for your table that will represent a small, sacred and personal area where you can work your magic – burn candles, mix herbs, honour items and the like.  It should be flat, fireproof, and easy to clean. If you can find one in nature this is great – but garden centres carry very nice stones.  Or you can make a stone using a mold and concrete. Place it in the centre of your table.

The earthiest herb is probably sage.  This savoury flavour can be quite strong to some people.  Try some dry and some fresh this week.  Sage supports the pranic energy and encourages positive energies.

Week 2 – Into the Fire

Dates                    August 8th  to August 14th

Natural Element                Fire

Affirmation          I am creative.  I carry the fire to clear and recreate.

Add an Altar Piece          Centre Candle

Creative Cooking             Cook with HOT peppers

Congratulations on working with natural intention for one whole week!  How did it go?  Remember to work one week at a time with mindfulness.  Today we shift focus from the Wind to the element of FIRE.

How do you notice Fire in your days this week?  Let the intention guide your way to clarity and new adventures.  See Fire in unexpected places and smoldering where you may least expect it.

For your altar table, add a central candle.  This should be a large enough candle to last through the 13 weeks so perhaps pick a pillar type, but be sure you enjoy this candle – the colour, the scent, the size. Remember to keep things safe whenever lighting the candle – try to burn it a little each day this week.

And for the kitchen creations – let’s get hot.   Fire up your pitta energy by adding hot peppers to your dishes.  Fire foods enhance digestion and absorption of the nutrients into the blood.

Week 1 – Welcome the Wind

Dates                                     August 1st to August 7th

Natural Element               Wind

Affirmation                         I am cleansed by the wind.  I am open to anything.

Add an Altar Piece           Find a lovely harvest altar cloth

Creative Cooking              Create your own leafy herbal mix

Here is a little preamble to read today to set up the rest of the weeks.  Each week you will receive a list like the one above.  It will contain a natural element for this week’s mindful attention and a related affirmation. There is one piece to add to your harvest altar table. Lastly, there is a creative cooking focus for the week.

The first week focuses on WIND.  Try to take moments to notice the wind and connect with it in simple ways.  Watch the clouds move, breathe deeply, or fly a kite.  Simply pay mindful attention to the world about you as you use the affirmation.  To start our harvest altar, find an altar cloth to take you all the way through to Halloween.  No need to spend money – repurpose some lovely fabric. 

Mindful cooking is central to the yogic practice of Ayurveda – healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit.  This week, create a leafy herbal mix to use in your food creations.  Oregano, basil, parsley, so many others.  They are fresh in the gardens now and ready to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy this simple way to step into the harvest season. Embrace your Harvest Journey.  Blessed Lammas to you!