Week 1 – Welcome the Wind

Dates                                     August 1st to August 7th

Natural Element               Wind

Affirmation                         I am cleansed by the wind.  I am open to anything.

Add an Altar Piece           Find a lovely harvest altar cloth

Creative Cooking              Create your own leafy herbal mix

Here is a little preamble to read today to set up the rest of the weeks.  Each week you will receive a list like the one above.  It will contain a natural element for this week’s mindful attention and a related affirmation. There is one piece to add to your harvest altar table. Lastly, there is a creative cooking focus for the week.

The first week focuses on WIND.  Try to take moments to notice the wind and connect with it in simple ways.  Watch the clouds move, breathe deeply, or fly a kite.  Simply pay mindful attention to the world about you as you use the affirmation.  To start our harvest altar, find an altar cloth to take you all the way through to Halloween.  No need to spend money – repurpose some lovely fabric. 

Mindful cooking is central to the yogic practice of Ayurveda – healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit.  This week, create a leafy herbal mix to use in your food creations.  Oregano, basil, parsley, so many others.  They are fresh in the gardens now and ready to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy this simple way to step into the harvest season. Embrace your Harvest Journey.  Blessed Lammas to you!

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