Week 3 – Get down to Earth

Dates                    August 15th  to August 21th

Natural Element                Earth

Affirmation          I accept abundance.  I deserve the gifts of the Earth.

Add an Altar Piece          Altar Stone

Creative Cooking             Cook with sage

Your intention is one of personal acceptance of abundance from the universe.  Let the flow of nature inspire you.  You do deserve it.  Expect it.

This week, seek out an altar stone for your table that will represent a small, sacred and personal area where you can work your magic – burn candles, mix herbs, honour items and the like.  It should be flat, fireproof, and easy to clean. If you can find one in nature this is great – but garden centres carry very nice stones.  Or you can make a stone using a mold and concrete. Place it in the centre of your table.

The earthiest herb is probably sage.  This savoury flavour can be quite strong to some people.  Try some dry and some fresh this week.  Sage supports the pranic energy and encourages positive energies.

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