Week 4 – Reach for the Stars

Dates                    August 22th  to August 28th

Natural Element                Stars

Affirmation          I am open to unlimited opportunity.  I always choose what is best.

Add an Altar Piece          Star Symbol

Creative Cooking             Add a dash of Vinegar

Today we shift focus from the Earth to the element of the Stars in the unlimited universe. The intention opens you to the best opportunities around you.

Your altar has some bones now, but it needs some bling.  Find something starry.  Perhaps a pentagram symbol is for you.   Make or draw something to keep it personal.

Let’s brighten up our cooking as well.  Vinegars are a great way to do just that.  Take some fresh herbs and put them into apple cider or red wine vinegar for a lovely way to add a dash of flavour to any dish.

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