Week 5 – Healing Waters

Dates                    August 29th  to September 5th

Natural Element              Rain

Affirmation          I welcome healing.  My body accepts the soothing power of water.

Add an Altar Piece          Find a Unique bottle

Creative Cooking             Cook with lemon and lime

This week’s element is Rain.  Traditionally water and especially rain have been bringers of healing both physically and mentally.

You may have to do some digging this week to find a unique bottle to hold water you may flavour with herbs, or empower with energies, or use in cleansing and healing rituals.  Try to find one with a big enough opening that you can insert items and retrieve them.  Clean the bottle thoroughly and then cleanse it of all past energies with some salted water.

Let’s add a little tartness to our lives by including lemons or limes in our cooking. Sour tastes heat the body decreasing vata energies.  This in turn sharpens the senses, improves digestion and enhances secretions such as saliva.

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