Week 9 – Hug a Tree

Dates                                    September 27th  to October 3rd

Natural Element              The Forest

Affirmation                        I am healed by and I heal with the life around me.

Add an Altar Piece          Special writing papers

Creative Cooking             Cook with Aromatic Herbs

The Forest is a naturally healing place.  Some say just a simple walk in trees can calm the mind, heart and soul.  The trees heal us and through them we can heal others. Take a moment to find a wooded area and stop to breathe in the healing air.

A lovely place to sit and write is right in front of your seasonal altar.  Add some special writing papers to your décor.  So many are lovely or you can make some yourself.  Cutting up old greeting cards can provide wonderfully shaped spaces to create.

Oh, just imagine the smell of ginger tea on a cool fall day – so soothing and healing.  The aromatic herbs help to balance your kapha dosha bringing us back to calm and gentle places.  Turmeric is well known to reduce overall inflammation in the body.  At this time of year, a little garlic can help you avoid viral or bacterial disease.

Week 8 – Let the Sunshine in

Dates                                    September 20th  to September 27th

Natural Element              The Sun

Affirmation                        I add my own light to the world as I shine.

Add an Altar Piece          A Shining Gemstone

Creative Cooking             Cook with Oranges

Our Sun is getting noticeably weaker each day as it dips a little further towards the horizon. Let the Sun’s lingering rays warm your cheeks on a nature walk.  Absorb the light and let yourself shine.

Add a shining gemstone to your altar.  This can be something you have at home or a jewel that you find in a thrift store or market stall.  Cleanse the gem with salted water and incense before placing it on your own autumn altar.

Oranges evoke colour and scent in our cooking.  Add the juice or zest of an orange can brighten any dish.  Food that is a joy to look at and smell gets our own juices flowing to help our digestion.  Eat real food!

Week 7 – After the Storm

Dates                    September 12th  to September 19th

Natural Element              Lightening

Affirmation        I am energized by the powers of the sky.  I breathe the fresh air after the storm.

Add an Altar Piece          Tree Bark

Creative Cooking             Cook with Nuts

As the season changes, weather becomes more turbulent and with that the change of thunderstorms.  While startling in the moment, these storms are clearing the air and bringing much needed moisture to the ground for its winter sleep.  Being able to breathe deeply after any storm is a blessing.

At this time of year, a walk through any forested area will allow you to find a piece of tree bark to add to your fall altar.  Pick one that sings to you.  Remember to leave any insects or animal life in their forest home.

In honour of the trees, add some nuts to your food this week.  Full of protein and nutrients, these tasty packages add fiber, phytochemicals and healthy fats into your diet.  In Ayurveda, nuts soothe Vata energies which may be heightened in the fall winds.  Enjoy.

Week 6 – Moon Dreams

Dates                    September 5th  to September 12th

Natural Element              Moon

Affirmation        I shape my life in the moonlight.  My dreams transform me.

Add an Altar Piece          Essential Oil

Creative Cooking             Cook with Mint

This week we see a beautiful, full harvest Moon hanging over our landscape.  The Moon is the celestial power associated with dreams and magic, and is a driving force for your imagination.   Let the affirmation connect you with the Moon as we approach the Autumnal Equinox.

Select an Essential Oil to keep on your altar.  Simply sniffing a key essential oil can transform you from ordinary space into dreamy space.  Select an essential oil you can put on the skin if you wish.

Mint is abundant and ready for harvest at this time of the season.  Pick it in the early day or late in the evening to retain its wonderful oils.  Cook with mint this week to remind you of the power of the Moon.  Drink a tea in the evening bringing calmness into your night.