Week 7 – After the Storm

Dates                    September 12th  to September 19th

Natural Element              Lightening

Affirmation        I am energized by the powers of the sky.  I breathe the fresh air after the storm.

Add an Altar Piece          Tree Bark

Creative Cooking             Cook with Nuts

As the season changes, weather becomes more turbulent and with that the change of thunderstorms.  While startling in the moment, these storms are clearing the air and bringing much needed moisture to the ground for its winter sleep.  Being able to breathe deeply after any storm is a blessing.

At this time of year, a walk through any forested area will allow you to find a piece of tree bark to add to your fall altar.  Pick one that sings to you.  Remember to leave any insects or animal life in their forest home.

In honour of the trees, add some nuts to your food this week.  Full of protein and nutrients, these tasty packages add fiber, phytochemicals and healthy fats into your diet.  In Ayurveda, nuts soothe Vata energies which may be heightened in the fall winds.  Enjoy.

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