Week 10 – Precious Metals

Dates                                    October 4th to October 10th

Natural Element              Metals

Affirmation                        My thoughts conduct joy through my entire body.

Add an Altar Piece          A favourite pen or pencil

Creative Cooking             Dried Fruits

Metals can connect things.  Electricity and heat are conducted through metal.  What a lovely element to focus on writing and sharing your ideas.

Your special papers deserve a favourite writing implement.  Find one that fits your mood to create and dream.  With the pen and paper in place, you have all you need to make some special notes for your day. The end of harvest time approaches … what will be your focus in the dark months?

Dried fruits such as raisins and apricots are non-animal sources of iron in our diet.  Many of us suffer from low levels of iron in blood and this leads to general fatigue and muscle soreness.  Adding some sweet and chewy dried fruits to a dish improves the taste and adds some iron. Try it.

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