Week 11 – Growing with Plants

Dates                                    October 11th to October 17th

Natural Element              Plants

Affirmation                        I accept abundance and freely grow.

Add an Altar Piece          Bowl

Creative Cooking             Floral Herbs

Having living things in our spaces reminds us to grow, patiently and purposefully.  Do plants worry about gathering abundance?  Not at all … they accept the gifts of the universe and gladly grow and expand.  How about you?

Adding a bowl to your altar gives you a place to put found items or mix up some salted water.  Use a bowl from your everyday or find a special one at a tag sale or antique store.

Floral herbs are a treat to cook with.  Lavender adds sparkle to a dish.  Nasturtiums are peppery on the tongue and so beautiful in colour. There are so many plants that offer us variety of tastes with their flowers.  Do a bit of research though – no eating the monkshood.