Week 12 – Breathe Deep

Dates                                    October 18th to October 24th

Natural Element              Your Breath

Affirmation                        Each breath I take gives me a moment to be mindful and aware.

Add an Altar Piece          Incense and Holder

Creative Cooking             Smoke

We can take our breath for granted … in and out each moment of the day. Take a moment to focus on your breath and truly fill you body with life-giving air and exhale the spent air with its released toxins.  In that brief moment, you can become mindful and aware of all that you are and all that is around you.  Blessings!

Add some incense and a safe holder for it to your harvest altar.  We are nearing the end of the journey so your sacred home space will be quite full of all the wonderful items you have discovered or rediscovered over the past few months.  I hope it is a place where you can sit and enjoy what you have created.

Cooking with the essence of wood smoke can add interesting flavour to your dish.  You can purchase liquid smoke at the grocery store to add to a soup or stew.  Try adding some smoked cheeses to a regular dish and see what happens.

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