Week 13 – Universe and Everything

Dates                                    October 25th to October 31th

Natural Element              The Universe

Affirmation                        I love and accept the abundance of the universe.

Add an Altar Piece          Your Image of All

Creative Cooking             Food Blessing

The Universe is boundless and you are a part of that. You have completed your harvest preparation for the dark season and are open and ready to accept all the abundance that comes your way.  Enjoy your harvest altar for a few weeks and then dismantle it to make way for your Yule time décor.

As a final totem to add to your altar, seek an image of your sense of the universe and everything.  This can be an image of divinity, unity, oneness, freedom … whatever speaks to you as an image of it all.

This week incorporate a blessing over the food you prepare.  As brief as a thank you or as long as you wish, setting the intention for goodness with your meal is a wonderful way to add mindful attention to your cooking.

Thank you for joining me on this Harvest Journey.  I hope there were some weeks that supported your path. There is now a time of rest to re-group and re-imagine. Bright blessings for Samhain. Namaste to you.

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