Orange lantern

Oranges — so lovely at this time of year.  And they have so many uses — besides just eating them.   You can poke an orange with cloves  and place it in a beautiful bowl to let the scents of the two mingle for a natural freshener.  You can slice one and let the pieces dry in the oven to make a citrus potpourri.  Even the peels can add a wonderful zest to your cooking.  Just replace lemon zest with orange zest and give it a try.

Here is a great Halloween craft with oranges … instead of using pumpkins.   Just cut the top off and scoop out the fruit.  Then cut the eyes and mouth from the rind.  Place in a tea light and you have a cute mini jack-o-lantern that smells amazing.  As always, be safe with the candles.

Oranges … full of vitamin C and healthful phytochemicals.  It’s a good fruit for avoiding exposure to toxins because of the thick peel.  Naturally sweet and tasty, oranges are like candy from nature.  And the smell of an orange is uplifting and cheerful — in aromatherapy, orange is known as an antidepressant and anti-inflammatory essential oil.   Enjoy!

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