Colour Therapy

The weeks between the Winter Solstice and the celebration of Imbolc at Groundhog Day can seem cold, dreary and tiring.  Some of us are in debt from the gifting season, some need to lose the 10 lbs brought on by holiday cheer and hibernation from the dark, and others are missing families left back home on the return to regular life.  Yet, the Wheel of the Year must turn and we with it.

Bring some Sunshine into your daily life by celebrating the gentle contemplation that this season offers.  One of the easiest ways to change your outlook is to change the colours around you.  Colours differ because of the interaction with different wavelengths of rays from the sun. Take advantage of this subtle shift to bring some feelings of new energy into your life at this time of year.

Put away the reds and greens of Yule!  Replace them with bright blues like the sky, oranges and yellows of citrus fruits, or pinks and purples found in beautiful cloth or flowers.  Select a colour spectrum that brings you joy and create a special place for contemplation, meditation or prayer.  Close your eyes, breathe in the uplifting air around you and slowly exhale allowing your mind to focus on the colour of your choice.  Fill yourself with the colour over several breaths. Then open your eyes and smile.  Now … get on with your January day.  Bright Blessings.

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