Scent Therapy

Colour is not the only thing that can brighten your senses this month.  Your sense of smell is a wonderful tool for bringing memories and feelings.   It’s really simple – If you are sitting at the breakfast table just stop for a moment, close your eyes and breathe in.   What aromas come your way?   Perhaps it is coffee with its enlivening scent.  Perhaps it is maple syrup that reminds us of warmth.   Take moments throughout the day to stop and breathe in.  You will be amazed at what comes your way.

To be a bit more deliberate about the scents around you, aromatherapy is a wonderful practice of using natural essential oils to support your mind and emotions.  As it is often in bath products, we are familiar with lavender as an oil that brings relaxation.  Yet, at this time of year, we may rather need something to brighten us or lift our spirits.  Oils that are used to stimulate and increase your energy include orange, lemon and rose.  For a quick hit of relief, just open a bottle and breathe deeply.  To get a longer lasting effect, consider putting some oils in the bath or using a diffuser.

We can take our sense of smell for granted, but it serves to stimulate our digestive system, arouse us sexually, and warn us of danger. It is strongly linked to our emotional body and memories can be awakened simply by getting a whiff of something we associate with the past.  Clear the air in your home to be sure that you are able to take advantage of this sense to support your health and well-being in this month of January!

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