Sound Therapy

Another sense that we often overlook is sound.  Our world is so full of sounds that it can become noise.  By focusing on singular sounds, we can encourage a sense of calm and freedom.  For example, find a place where you can hear birdsong … then stop walking, close your eyes, breathe, and listen carefully.  Allow this natural music to fill your mind and take you to a still place.

In our everyday, we hear a lot of music. We tend to pick the same radio station or music tracks over and over again.   Try something different this month.  January is a great time to do something new.  So why not choose a music genre that you don’t usually hear.  And really listen.  Stop, close your eyes, breathe, and listen.  Allow your brain to engage with the new combinations of notes and tones.  This is like exercise for your sense of hearing.

Sound can also play an important role in meditation.  The resonance of tones are associated with centres in our bodies.  By creating the tone or even just listening to it, we experience a connecting and soothing affect.  The word AUM is made up of four tones ahhh-oooh-mmmm – then silence.   The first tone resonates in the lower body, the second in the centre body and the third in the head. These are followed by a moment of silence allowing the resonance to flow over your whole self.  Usually this is repeated three times.  Give it a go!

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