The parched ground, the drooping leaves, the panting animals, the heavy foot — it’s been dry for weeks — no Rain.  Where did She go? Why did She leave? When will She return? Another day of radiant Sun — beautiful himself, but not sparkling like when Rain is his mate. The Lady is tired — She needed a rest to rejuvenate and recreate her youthful self — to create energy to pour onto the land — to accept so that She can give.  Like all women, She needs some time to herself.  She needs to gather her energy to that She can be what She needs to be.  So She can serve the Earth, the plants, the animals and us.  When She has had her alone-time, She will reawaken.

She is once again the youthful energetic woman.  She can once again play with the Sun and create dewdrop crystals and rainbows of light and colour.  She comes full of life and vigor.  And Sun, at first afraid, hides away from the splash and the flash.  Until the initial torrent is done and then, together, they create sparkles and rainbows and prisms.  Ahhhh!  The ground sighs, the animals laugh, the plants drink, and we rejoice.

I, too, am like the Rain herself.  After giving so much, I need a rest. When I have taken in what I know I need, I can give more freely, more vibrantly, more openly to those I love.  The dry times are hard — how do I help them survive?  Or perhaps I can trust that the Sun will not burn them so badly until I can give again — until we can sparkle together.  I am Rain; You are Sun; We are crystal droplets and rainbows!