The Buddha says “the wave and the water are one”. The fishes that are immersed in the water are forever in their element.  They trust the water completely.  It is home, safety and continuity.  They are born and die there.  And, separated from the water, the fish panics and will die without it.

Besides the obvious analogy of air, what in my life is so critical that without it I panic and perhaps fade to death?  What am I taking for granted as a security that I don’t even realize surrounds me?  Mindfulness reminds me to acknowledge these pieces in my life — not to take them as a given — rather as a gift.  The love of my spouse or the safety of my country, for instance.  How impermanent these are, and yet I have the chance here and now to immerse myself within them.  Like a fish in the water!

Breathing deeply of the air around me, I acknowledge and appreciate those things in my life that just are — for in this beautiful moment, I know peace.

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