Week 8 – Nature Mandala

Dates:   June 21st to 28th

Affirmation:   I attune with the cycles of the earth.

Nature Craft:  Nature Mandala

This art installation takes a little more time so plan a longer walk.  On your way, collect several items in even number groups.  So pick up 12 berries or 8 twigs or 4 flowers … whatever you see and feel drawn to.  Now find a flat clear place where you can make your nature art.  Work in circles as a mandala placing the items in balanced groupings.  Build and build until you are happy with it.  I would relish seeing some of these beauties.  Snap a pic and share.

Week 7 – Braids of Grass

Dates:   June 14th to 21st

Affirmation:   I touch Nature with reverence and awe.

Nature Craft:  Grass Braiding

By this week the grasses should really be growing!  Find a place where they have been allowed to get really tall and even to the point of creating seeds.  Now, select three longer stems of about the same length and begin to braid them.  You may have done this with ribbons or strings, but now we do this with grasses.  Create three braids, and then braid these three into a larger braid.  You may have run out of length.  That’s okay, just find a way to attach your three braids.  Perhaps tying at the top with another piece.  Finally, hang your grass ornament in a place were people will see it.  Smile and enjoy your creation.

Week 6 – Cone Hanging

Dates:   June 7th to 14th

Affirmation:   My creations support and work with nature.

Nature Craft:  Evergreen Cone Hanging

Keep your eyes open for evergreen cones while out this week.  You are going to make a beautiful natural hanging from a branch of a tree.  Evergreens create cones with a lovely shape that allows them to be easily hung by wrapping a thread around the top set of blades.  But instead of leaving thread in the wild, we are going to try to wrap long grasses.  Tie off the grass blades at the top of the cone and then wrap the remainder about the branch.  Collect several cones and arrange them lovingly along the branch.  Step back and take a look.  Beautiful.

Week 5 – Build your Heart

Dates:   May 31st to June 7th

Affirmation:   I open my heart to sharing beauty.

Nature Craft:  Heart of Leaves

Summer is getting really close now – there may still be some old leaves about but new ones have arrived.  On your walk this week, collect leaves.  Please try not to hurt the trees in the process and always say thank you when you borrow something.  Find your canvas – a spot along the path where your art will be seen.  Now make a heart from the leaves you have collected.  Big or small, an outline or filled in … whatever you wish.  Make a memory and then let it go.

Week 4 – Leaf Printing

Dates:   May 24th to 31st

Affirmation:   I leave my mark and do no harm. 

Nature Craft:  Leaf Printing

This week is a bit different.  Instead of a natural place, find a spot where there will be a sidewalk … and mud puddles … and leaves.   Collect some leaves of different shapes and sizes.   Now clear the sidewalk area of stones or garbage – this is your canvas.  Dip your leaves into your mud and water then press them onto the sidewalk so they leave a print.  Print your leaves in any manner that pleases you.  You know they will dry up; you know they won’t last.  But enjoy your prints in this moment.  Snap a pic.  Smile.

Week 3 – Drawing your Vision

Dates:   May 17th to 24th

Affirmation:   I see Nature’s beauty in all things. 

Nature Craft:  Symbols in the Soil

How did it feel to create something and then let it go?  This week is just as liberating.  And it all starts with a walk outside.  As you walk in your natural place this week, look about until you find a favourite stick.  Long, short, thick, thin – it doesn’t matter.   At the end of your walk, find a place where there is a patch of exposed earth, rather flat.  Sometimes this will be along a path where others walk – wonderful!  Now, close your eyes and breath deeply.  Repeat the affirmation a few times.  Finally, envision a symbol of Nature’s beauty.  This can be anything – geometric or organic – recognizable or not.   Then take your stick and draw it on the soil quite deeply.  Step back and enjoy your creation.  Now, let it go.

Week 2 – Star of Twigs

Dates:   May 10th to 17th

Affirmation:   My star brightens the path for others.

Nature Craft:  Stars of Twigs

Remember drawing five-pointed stars as a child.  It was probably one of your first art pieces.  So this week on your walk, seek small twigs about the same size and length.  You will need five for each star you want to leave for someone to find a dream upon.  At the end of your walk, find that special place where someone else may happen upon your creation, but this time it needs to be a little muddy or grassy – a soft patch of earth.  Place the twigs in a five-pointed star order.  Press the twigs down into the earth so you leave a flatter star.  Leave as many stars as you wish.  Someone will see them. They will brighten their day.

Week 1 – Stone Art

Dates:   May 3rd to 10th

Affirmation:   The beauty of Nature moves through me.

Nature Craft:   Stack of Stones

Greetings and Welcome!  We begin this adventure in Nature art in a very gentle way.  You cannot go wrong; you cannot do it better; you cannot fail.  Let the beauty of Nature do it’s thing.

Talk a walk somewhere as natural as you can.  If not in the woods or by a river, a city park or a playground will do just fine.  As you walk, look around the ground where you are stepping.  If you see a stone or rock that interests you, pick it up.  At the end of your walk, find a place on the ground and in public where your sculpture will sit.  Now, stack the stones you have collected in any way that appeals to you.  Focus on the affirmation as you create.  Walk about to collect more or different stones if you wish.  When you are finished step back and talk a look … snap a picture if you like.  Post it to Instagram or Facebook.  Then leave it there.  It may stay a day or even the week, but it will not last forever.  Let it go back to Nature.

Adventure into the Art of Transience

Welcome!  With the end of the Journey to your Spring Awakening, we begin a new adventure.  The Adventure into the Art of Transience will begin May 3rd and run through to the start of August’s harvest season.   Summer is certainly abundant and full of new things.  However, it is always a reminder that nothing is permanent.  None of our creations are ever-lasting.  This Adventure allows you to create, enjoy in the moment, and then let it go with freedom.  How utterly opening!

Each week on Wednesdays, I will offer you a natural craft that will get you outside and in touch with summer’s abundant Nature.  These are simple to do and require no extra purchases or special tools.  Just you and your imaginative creativity in Nature’s bounty are the tools!!

Take each week in turn. Focus on what you are doing in the given week.  And try not to dwell on what has passed already, whether your creation is “good enough”, or wonder about what is to come next week.  Let yourself create in the moment, with intention, each week.

I would adore seeing some of your creations!  Grab some pics and post.