My Art Gallery

Greetings! Here I share some of my love of working with fibre. Please enjoy these photos of my past and current pieces.

“Pele Rises” Pele is “She who shapes the Sacred Land” – creator and destroyer Volcano Goddess. Hawaiians know that to enjoy the fertile lands of paradise, there must first be destruction by Pele’s passionate and unpredictable temper.  Many living in Kilauea’s shadow express reverence and thanks to Pele, even as lava destroys their home. Anyone travelling to her volcanic home standing at the edge of the active crater, is moved by the Spirit of this Goddess. 
“Woman in Tangles” We all feel it at times. That knot in our solar plexus chakra or manipura when our confidence is low or we fear some unknown. The connection between our gut and brain is a complex one and often overlooked as we search for ways to enhance our sense of personal power.
“Elmo” Created before our pet friend passed, this quilt has only now been able to be shared.
“Cape St. Mary’s” Anyone who has visited the Province of Newfoundland can recognize the flat tops of hills overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and dotted with sheep.
Colour Square” An exercise to understand hue, tint, tone, and shade,
Peacock Grace” Created by fussy cutting and applique with piecing.
“Village of Vancouver” Growing up in a town by the sea brings a fondness of the connection between city and nature.
“Four Seasons Altar Quilt” Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter … which block attracts your sense of each season?
“Forest in the Morning Glow” As the sun rises, the trees in the BC forest seem to glow with radiance even as the sky remains darkened.
“Forest in the Evening Glow” As night falls and the sun dips below the horizon, the trees darken even as the sky remains bright.
“Winter Solstice Sunrise” After the longest night, the rising of the sun is a reminder that brightness follows the dark. And so, celebrating the return of the sun has been and remains a tradition in cultures worldwide. Let’s not lose that by retreating to the indoors.