The Journey to Spring Awakening

Welcome! This journey will begin February 1st and run through to May’s flowers.  Spring’s awakening transition takes us from first growing light, through the balance of the vernal equinox, and into the passionate fever of the growing season.  Through this exploration, we will be well ready to enter the abundance of summer with relish, prepared to apply ourselves to our dreams, and feel reconnected with the Earth and our Selves.

This is practical magic – weekly activity and contemplation leading to a greater connection to your personal power.  Thirteen weeks, thirteen elements, thirteen actions. Each Wednesday, you will receive a new natural element for your focus.  If you wish to use a journal that is great, but is not required – this is meant to be a fun journey rather than a task to get through.

Take each week in turn. Focus on what you are doing in the given week.  And try not to dwell on what has passed already or wonder about what is to come next week.  Let yourself be in the moment, with intention, each week.